Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe anxiety of watching ice skating is not lost on the young.

How are you celebrating the opening ceremonies? We are having friends over and making hamburgers, french fries, mac n’ cheese, and coke or root beer floats. I also found this great site that has a Lego activity of creating the symbols of each sport! I think A will have a fun time putting them together this afternoon.

So on to a few more of my favorites from the week!

With the cold weather we have been having I have been searching for indoor activities for the boys. I saw this great idea for freezing toys for J, and I’m planning to try it out this weekend.

On that same note, I found a terrific site called Paging Super Mom that has lots of different worksheets for pre-school and up. I printed off these Valentine worksheets for A to do at home when he is spinning his wheels.

And lastly, on the learning activity front, I also am going to do this Monet study and activity with the boys. I think A will get more of the purpose, while J will love painting with q-tips!

I love chicken enchiladas, so turning it into a dip sounds like a good idea to me!

I am slowly implementing some of my own creativity and items into a little slice of office space for me in our house. Any of these fun desk accessories would be a great addition.

I saw this list of thirty things to own before turning 30 and realized I need to go out and buy a pair of classic Manolo pumps stat! I’m sure B won’t mind…..

The sun finally came out for the first time in several days here and I opened every curtain and blind in the house to soak up as much of it as possible! Here are a few other ways to beat that winter slump.

Speaking of the winter slump, one of the things I do is bake, bake, bake. It makes me happy and the oven warms the house. It also makes B say things like “I really need to start exercising again”. HA! These heart doughnuts are on my list.

Cam Newton’s come a long way from Auburn! Check out his thoughts on date night clothes. Seriously. It’s kind of awesome.

If you skip past all the classy writing, these are really just those stuffies pillows for grown-ups.

Splish, splash Splat! was J’s library book choice of the week. We have read it to him and he has “read” it to himself several times. He yells “Kitty, NO!” and then laughs hysterically when he reads it. Obviously, it’s captivating.

The most amazing puffer jacket I have ever seen.

And lastly, I’m making this party popcorn for our opening ceremonies watching as well. I found great red, white, and blue sprinkles in the dollar section of Target today. Sweet!

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