Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites“Wha, me, me!” Which is J’s way of saying “wait for me!” I figured out his new saying this week whenever we were about to take A to school. I would tell A to go get on his shoes and J would say “wha, me, me!” and then say “shoe! sock-y!” while running after A. He definitely works hard to keep up with A.

I love how in the south they predict “flurries” and we see nothing. Half the time I think they do that to make people happy. “Oooh snow!” Everyone in the south exclaims. Rarely in the south is snow “an event”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s happened, but not that often. I just jinxed everyone, so you better get these snow boots. Cause they are adorable. HA! Moving on….

I love Shakespeare. And the idea of teaching it to your kids. It’ll put them a step ahead for when they get into that high school English class!

#myweirdwaiter. Hilarious!

Ideas on how to style your coffee table…for when I can actually do that. I’m thinking I may need my own room to be able to do that, or a really high, non-reachable coffee table.

A New York loft that is amazing, bright, and airy. Love all of it.

So if you didn’t get enough of the Golden Globe run down from my post earlier this week, here are more ideas on the styles and trends from the night.

A DIY no-sew scarf. Perfect weekend craft!

The definitive ranking of chips. My favorite is “baked potato chips, like a Pringle without any friends.”

Super cute Valentine’s day party supplies.

I am really intrigued by these whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. I haven’t tried them yet, but they sound pretty great.

Top ten tips from professional organizers….hold on. Did you know you could be a professional organizer? Why am I not doing this?

An article about turning the movie Frozen into a teachable moment. Point 1: Don’t marry someone you just met. Point 2: If taking children to a movie of this nature, assure them beforehand that nobody is going to die (because they may get concerned and ask like my nephew did)….except if you are taking them to see Bambi. In that case wait to take them until they are 50. Seriously. I’m still not over it. Oh and point 2 is nowhere in the article. Just like the clip from the movie they showed in the TV previews. BOOM! My sister is laughing right now.

Love this DIY painting idea that is an homage to Mark Rothko’s art.

And finally…my super awesome hairdresser and I were having a discussion about loving the trend of leather details on pants and cardigans the other day. Then I found this H&M trench coat with leather details…ah! I really think it would go great with those snow boots too, yes?

Have a great weekend!

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