Friday Favorites

J's car Since J got his truck for Christmas he has created a collection of items that he keeps in his truck. He started with Curious George and his cat. Then he added his keys, a lanyard, an old cellphone, and most recently sunglasses. All essentials when driving around the house.

Now on to a few of my favorites from the week!

Right now I’m loving dressed up sweatshirts. This Madewell one and this Shopbop one are two of my favorites.

I love this little DIY muslin bag for Valentine’s Day.

Ten hot chocolate recipes for me to pick from for J’s birthday.

Love this little table and chairs set, and it is a great price for all the pieces it comes with.

True thoughts about daycare.

This gingerbread snacking cake reminds me of the one my Mom makes for my Dad (it’s one of his favorite desserts!).

The three days it was ultra cold here, I couldn’t even do my hair it was so dry. These tips on how to winterproof your skin and hair were super helpful!

A delicious looking peanut butter honey yogurt dip.

An amazing and informative photo tour of Tuscany. Definitely on my list of places to go!


Friday FavoritesWhether you are traveling out, or just traveling around the house, have a great weekend!

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