Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesDouble fisted crafting. One of the many things I love about this boy. J is LOUD, energetic, dramatic, and could play outside all day. However, you give this boy a set of crayons and paper, or a bottle of glue and glitter and he is just as committed to crafting as he is when he is kicking and chasing a ball in the backyard. He and A worked for a long time on the glitter confetti circles you saw behind them for the New Year’s Day picture. It was a HUGE mess, but it was a lot of fun, and nothing a good vacuuming couldn’t handle!

I think everyone could use a set of retro Pac-Man salt and pepper shakers.

It is about to get record setting cold here. This outfit would be a great go to, and probably has pieces you already own in it!

And in case you are traveling out of the cold weather, here is a great travel outfit.

Bring on the Sesame Street! And Sofia the First! And Lego: Star Wars! And Curious George!

Simple stir fried brussels sprouts. In 2014 I invite you to give brussels sprouts a chance. HA!

I absolutely love this shared kid’s room. It’s sweet and simple.

I probably don’t need to add any books to my list, but I love a good travel book.

A really simple, yet tasty looking ginger pear cocktail. I am betting you could make it without the vodka and it would also be delicious.

This circulation chest is going on my long term wish list (the very long term).

Mexican chocolate pudding…yes, please.

Re-creating classic art with Lego’s. Awesome!

I am mainly bookmarking this for myself, but this Atlanta Home uses two amazing paint colors that I don’t want to forget!

Oh and Obi-Wan is a total punk. Let the debate begin, young Jedi.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.

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