Friday Favorites

We have had a lovely Christmas week, and I hope your family has as well! We are spending our after holiday days playing outside in the sunny (slightly chilly) weather, assembling Lego sets, and enjoying the chance to chill out! Instead of my usual links around the web, I have some of my favorite pics from the last few days to share! Enjoy!

Nana and Grandpa came to bring presents and I managed to get this picture…

IMG_4204The fact that we matched all the boys on Christmas Eve by chance:

IMG_4250J playing Christmas music with Granna:

IMG_4242A met his very epic (and solid as a rock) Dojo Michaelangelo from Santa:

IMG_4274I tried to convince J to open his stocking by enticing him with Ninja Turtle socks:

IMG_4281B opening up his big gift from me (and the only item I have ever “ran” for on Black Friday):

IMG_4338The excitement of A’s face in discovering we got him “the truly present, I was so hoping for!! (his words):

IMG_4343J’s cheese grin over his new “tractor!”:

IMG_4346Lunch with Granna and Papa on Christmas (and a whole lot of pretend food throwing!):

IMG_4353J continues to prove that he truly has his Papa wrapped around his finger as he was pushed up and down the hall on demand:

IMG_4356This captured moment of “the calm before the…”

IMG_4363…kids started going crazy and J re-created Auburn’s Iron Bowl win by doing snow angels in the paper…

IMG_4378…and we started taking pictures like these:

IMG_4389And that’s the end!

IMG_4209Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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