Friday Favorites

IMG_4170-001This is what four days of no napping looks like.

In other news, apparently I’m allergic to pomegranates. So please don’t offer me any. Thanks. I know what you are thinking, how is this possible that one can be allergic to pomegranates? Well apparently it is, and I had the lovely idea of making it my new snack this past week, only to find out the hard way that I should have gone with my typical hummus choice. My Dad suggested that I should try “normal food” from now on. HA! Thanks Dad. Anyway, now I am on a nice steroid pack and armed with an epi-pen in case some unsuspecting pomegranates slip into my food.

Anyway, on to some of my favorites from the week!

There is a picture of me playing this vintage mac at my Papa’s house when I was two. I was such a hipster back then.

If you are looking for a quick and wonderful little DIY for stockings I highly suggest this best of my days calendar. I made one for A.

I like this sugar cookie recipe because it cuts the sugar in half and adds honey instead.

I pretty much love everything about this home, especially the bench in the kitchen.

Snow boots not just for snow days.

This bookweight is an awesome idea. A why did I never think of getting that before, type idea.

Four ingredient fudge. How can you go wrong?

A and I searched Target vigilantly trying to find the mustache glasses in this picture to give B for Christmas (because A denoted them “HILARIOUS”), but couldn’t find them. So we settled for Star Wars socks.

So I read Gone Girl. And I am going to say I don’t get it. Here’s my synopsis “Hey awful person, you treated me awful, so I am going to treat you awful, and oh by the way I’m crazy, so watch your back, oh whoops I treated you awful some more, and by the way we are stuck together being awful forever. The end”.

On that note…I am reading this Agatha Christie mini novel (you can download it to your iPad, Kindle, or Nook for free from Amazon), and then The Orchardist is on my list to read next.

If you are looking for a new app for your 4+ child I highly recommend Clumsy Ninja. It is a fun, interactive game that helps you guide a new Ninja to ultimate Ninja status by doing little games (like jumping on a trampoline, or holding balloons).

A has told me many times that he wants to take a trip to a big city. I foresee a trip to New York in our future, and this list of kid-friendly restaurants is a great insight.

I love this casual with a pop of a bright blue coat outfit. It also would look lovely with this sweater.

I have got this awesome hat and costume wall on my to-do list for J.

And just in case you are looking for a well price house in Pennsylvania, may I suggest this “slightly haunted” one?  HA!

Have a great weekend before Christmas!

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