Friday Favorites

Why are you reading this post? Aren’t you out shopping???? HA!

Friday FavoritesA helped put all the Christmas ornaments on the tree…a full day before Thanksgiving. To say that this boy is excited about Christmas would be an understatement.

So in case you are taking a break from shopping…here are my favorites from around the internet for the week!

This necklace would be a great dress up for a plain T.

Just in case you are prepping for next Thanksgiving (only a mere 364 days away!), or reminiscing about it here is a great foodie book about the holiday.

States United. Love this print!

If we ever had a girl, I’m assuming it would be less doll, more awl. Ha!

A great DIY holiday banner idea, with printable!

The solution to all those embarrassing back pocket phone dialing accidents.

Some gift ideas for the grill enthusiast.

Love this shared boys’ room.

We are not planning to travel with a toddler this holiday season (because have I mentioned that J hates the car? No? He hates the car.), but in case you are, here are some great tips.

You may have seen The Hunger Games this past weekend, but have you seen The Hungry Games?

As cold as it has been these past couple of days we could sit this project outside to freeze. It’s a birdseed ice ornament…pretty crafty!

This list of appetizers that should be banned for life made me laugh out loud. My favorite? Cheese Plate on a Stick…How about Cheese Plate on a Plate. Hilarious!

I want this stamp for when I grade topic proposals!

And if you have some leftover sweet potatoes…make this salad!

Have a great weekend!

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