Friday Favorites

When the boys were little people always used to say “the days are long, but the years are short”. Obviously those people had no knowledge of this year. In the longest year ever, we found out at literally the end of last week that apparently the COVID meter had hit its threshold at J’s school and all students were returning to virtual learning until after Thanksgiving. It was also exactly eight months to the day that they moved schools to virtual learning in the Spring. And we didn’t return until the Fall. J has handled it relatively well, I’m just hoping they get to go back after Thanksgiving. Until then we are going to hike this weekend, bake cookies, and watch the newest Mandalorian episode.

Bible reading plan for Thanksgiving week.

Currently watching season 4 of The Crown.

Favorite Friday yoga.

Watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air reunion made my week. Love revisiting one of my all time favorite shows.

Favorite Monday workout.

Ina Garten in quarantine is gold, and I’ve got her cookbook on my Christmas list.

Should I add a plank a day?

Pajamas , fuzzy socks, and a cozy throw.

Finally, gingerbread granola!

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