Friday Favorites

It’s the influx of that fall/summer hybrid where we are waiting for the bottom to drop out and it will be frigid. J is nearing the end of fall baseball, and he has had a great season! We are so glad they were able to play and he’s learned a lot this Fall. In other news, the Sephora sale is coming! Woot! I’m working on my list of stock up products for this round and will be sure to share next week! Now here are some of our favorites!

Styling a sweater dress.

Made this recipe with cod this week and it was excellent!

My hair cut and color inspiration for the week.

I finished book 15 of the Maisie Dobbs series last week and I’m fairly positive I completed all 15 books in 2020. Which could be my biggest accomplishment of the year.

And now I’m reading The Henna Artist.

The fall nail polish I picked up at Target.

That’s your business. If you know, you know.

Finally, vegetable pizza that J and I would love.

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