Friday Favorites

A is 12! He woke up on Thursday an inch and a half taller than he was two weeks ago, and I realized that in about two years both my boys are probably going to be taller than me. A has always been inquisitive, thoughtful, and will eat all the pasta or pizza you have available. In a year where school and let’s be honest, life at times, has been less than ideal, he has shined. He is committed to doing his very best in school, advancing his golf game, and building the next great video game platform. He wants to work in software development with a specialization in computer graphic design, and assures me he will come visit us when he’s grown. We are so glad he’s ours and we can’t wait to celebrate him this weekend!

Open bookcase set-up.

Fall entertaining guide.

Quick podcast on setting holiday intentions.

My new Bible reading plan for the rest of the month.

Book to add to my reading list.

Fall jacket and boots look.

The movement and flow of the spaces we love.

Using our leftover chili to make this dinner this weekend!

And finally, a throwback to ten years ago.

This sweet boy sitting on a bench at what would be his Elementary school for six years. And now he’s in middle school!

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