Friday Favorites

How is it October? How is it almost Fall Break? This weekend we are planning to do some hiking, some sleeping in, and making some molasses cookies and this maple pumpkin bread.

Illustration for my office.

Stumbled upon this watercolor YouTube channel and it is lovely!

Yoga practice of the week.

Date night outfit, for when we can go out on date night again.

New book series for A.

Beautiful home and inspired interview.

Tiered stand on my Christmas list.

Scallion flower buns.

And now I have my show to binge watch in October.

And finally, the wild mushroom pasta I’m making for myself the next time the boys go camping.

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  1. Happy October!!! I hope you LOVE the maple pumpkin bread, and thank you so much for the shoutout! Cheers to what’s hopefully a wonderful fall for all!

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