Friday Favorites

We made it through week 1 of virtual learning! The boys have terrific teachers, I’m so hopeful that they will soon be able to get back into the classroom to learn in person and see their friends. J is currently obsessed with Epic which is a platform that reads books to you. He is currently on Chapter 9 of a 39 Clues book. A is very excited about band and playing the trumpet. The first day of my classes went great, I was excited to meet with my students even if it was on Zoom! We are working towards our house (hopefully, finally) closing next week, and navigating moving while still teleworking, and the kids going to school remotely. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

I had a favorite striped shirt and it shrunk, and this one is just like it!

Paper bag popcorn!

An amazing collection of sports memorabilia that includes some of the boys’ favorites.

Easy family meal plans.

Tips on kid proofing a house while still keeping it stylish.

Styling a desk.

And a finally, perfect cheese tortellini for meatless Monday.

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