Friday Favorites

So proud of A! He played one of his best games ever this week, and he and his teammate won their part of the match! I loved not only getting to watch him play, but see how proud he was of his success. This weekend we are working on getting organized for the boys’ remote learning and how that’s going to fit in with our work schedules. Two things I’ve picked up for them is these acrylic organizers, and weekly marker board schedules. We also had our house closing date moved back again, so we are praying hard that this is the last delay. Now here are some of my favorites of the week!

I’m thinking of bringing back art in the afternoons with the boys on Fridays, and starting with this multimedia bird art.

Mixing multiple rugs in the same space.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue is next on my reading list.

The first book I’m unpacking to read with J.

My yoga practice of the week.

Started a New Testament Bible study recently, that coupled well with the start of 1 John sermons at our church.

Medicine ball workout.

Finally, fashion goals.

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