Friday Favorites

IMG_3698Fall is here! J is lucky to have a whole stock of hand-me-downs from his brother and cousins. A quick trip to our attic and my sister’s house and he was outfitted for fall in a snap! Now just to find the perfect hat and shoes…

My new favorite ice cream…chocolate peppermint crunch.

Dinner for one: roasted mushrooms. It definitely would be dinner for one at my house. That one being me.

Love this military inspired wool coat.

Audrey Hepburn chic.

These wedges for me.

These tiny TOMS for J.

Twenty five easy slow cooker recipes.

Love this collection of classic literature board books.

Solutions for a blank wall. I am always on the hunt for more ideas!

Pit grilling mitt for B…I wonder how well this works.

And that’s it! Stay warm everyone! 🙂

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