Friday Favorites

Constructed a complete Lincoln Log Village. Lately, J has been all about the house he’s going to build when he grows up. He has big plans, although he’s unsure of how he will find all the materials in the real world. I feel like that’s an honest concern considering materials are very easy to find on Minecraft in creative mode. Happy weekend! And happy building planning!

Caramel pecan sticky buns will be the first breakfast I’m making in our new house!

Mysteries of Jackson Pollock’s largest painting.

Perfect places to purchase prints.

Adding the classic Gastronomical Me to my reading list.

Raised garden bed.

Apple butter brie appetizer.

Colorful stack of bracelets.

Listened to three How I Built This Podcasts this week on SuperGoop, Shake Shack, and Jo Malone.  All very interesting, and I got several ideas and quotes for class material.

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