Friday Favorites

We’re headed towards summer! While we don’t have big summer vacation plans (but who does at this point), we are going to sleep in, get in lots of pool time, reading, and eating popsicles. We are starting out the summer with selling our house and ending it with moving into our new house. We took one last picture outside our house this past week, and said our goodbyes to what has felt like a fourth member of our family for the past twelve years. And now on to some of our favorites of the week!

Shake shack burgers and cheese sauce recipe. It’s like they knew exactly what I needed this week.

How to make a gallery wall.

Camping blanket for chilly outdoor sports games and, you know, camping.

Babies do what the want.

Thank you Thursdays.

Creating a better salad.

Thoughts on risk.

Summer pajama pants.

Finally, art in place. Looking forward to viewing this online with the boys!

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