Friday Favorites

Reading on a rainy afternoon. This has been a tough week. Homeschooling has become a pretty regular routine, but between trying to finishing packing our house out and trying to keep some semblance of a schedule it’s been trying at times. J keeps trying to unpack what I’ve packed in his room (LEGO creations on shelves, pictures put back up), and so we’ve been doing our best to make sure he’s got space to put his favorite things out at my parents who we are staying with while our new house is being completed. I think we will all breathe a huge sigh of relief and say a lot of prayers of gratitude once we are moved out completely and our current house is closed on and sold. This will definitely be our last move for a very, very long time. And now here are some of our favorites of the week!

This is why the boys want a dog.

Light filled home.

Kitchen inspiration.

The boys were as excited about this baguette baker as I was, so it’s definitely on my birthday list.

Vanilla apricot granola bars.

Reading through 1-3 John in my morning Bible Study.

Summer straw tote..I could use it to hold magazines since I’m not going anywhere.

When I dyed my roots this past week, J told me that the shampoo that I used that came with smelled like lovely lavender. So now, I feel like I need to buy it.

Finally, perfect summer sweater.

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  1. Those are wonderful books of the Bible. I feel like there is so much meat in the last half of the NT. Happy Weekend!

  2. I have really enjoyed the study and the insight it brings to the passages and scripture!

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