Friday Favorites

We have now been home with the boys for over a month, some days it feels much longer than that, other times it feels hard to believe we are in the middle of April. The boys hit a stride with their online learning this week, and so we are keeping the same schedule as last week with just a few additions. They are still working their way through Disney Imagineering YouTube videos during breakfast time, and we signed up for a free Mystery Science membership. And besides busily adding to cart for The Sephora sale, here are some of our favorites of the week!

Bookmarking rug ideas because I’ve got to buy at least three-four new rugs when we move.

An egg dish to make for breakfast one weekend.

Self care planner to write down work our routines and other notes.

Halal style chicken and rice.

Beverly Cleary was one of my most beloved authors growing-up and I love seeing J read all her books (especially Henry Huggins) with the excitement I did.

The blanket I just ordered for J to hopefully help with his sleep at night.

If you’re going to make a grilled cheese, make a Disney grilled cheese.

A new draw together for us to watch.

And finally, this is the sports broadcasting we need right now.

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