Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesAt A’s birthday I realized it was the first time J had ever been in a swing. Seriously. I plead second baby. Anyway, it is clear that J LOVED swinging.

I am still grading papers….currently feeling like I may never finish at this point. We watched a Toy Story special this week, so I am currently thinking like Combat Carl. “Combat Carl never gives up” “Combat Carl finds a way”. And just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about…here’s a little sneak peak.

During my “I’m going crazy eyed looking at outlines” breaks I did a little web surfing, so here are my shares for the week! Happy Friday!

These shoes. Amazing.

Clueless updated.

Love this constellations print.

Fifty tips for making the best soup, and a sweet potato soup recipe.

I like it when a coffee mug makes me feel like I look good in my pajamas and robe with cereal stains on it.

An adorable tiny turtle.

22 classy Halloween ideas…because that’s what Halloween’s all about. Keeping it classy. 🙂

And 22 things every man should have in his closet….time for B and I to go shopping.

This mixtapes shirt.

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