Friday Favorites

Week 2 of social distancing is coming to a close. We got news yesterday that the boys will have to do online schooling for the remainder of the year, and so I spent a majority of today trying to wrap my brain around the idea that we’ll be homeschooling for the rest of the school year. And I’m also teaching online for the rest of the year, so coordinating schedules is going to be interesting. The boys’ favorites at home learning this week have been Khan Academy: Intro to JavaScript, Mo Willems Lunch Doodles,  The Cincinnati Zoo’s live animal experience, story time with their teachers on YouTube, Typing Club, and their new books:


And finally here are some of my favorites of the week:

Social distancing examples from David Rose.

My hairstyle of the week, with a messy bun at the back.

Dessert for the weekend.

J every time he sees a wasp outside right now.

How to stop overthinking, because that’s all I’ve been doing right now.

List of reading ideas.

Finally, the ultimate comfort dinner.

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