Friday Favorites

October 2013This Friday Favorites post is brought to you by the magic of a single strand of pearls.

A twist on fish and chips, fish in chips. On my list to try for the boys, especially J who spent all week learning the word “chip” because he loves them so.

While searching in the attic for bigger clothes for J (who is growing so fast we can barely keep up with hand me downs), I came across a box of newborn baby burp clothes that instantly smelled just like J and A when they were little bitty. Turns out this new baby smell is a true phenomenon and not just a combo of Tide Free and Dreft.

Fifteen hilarious road signs.

Eight time saving skin tips.

Found J’s new fall hat.

Love this poster for our kitchen or even J’s room.

I love eggs benedict…and this hollandaise sauce looks divine.

Thanksgiving is under attack, ya’ll. (According to Stephen Colbert).

If I was going to splurge on something for winter, this coat would be it.

I just added this book about Audrey Hepburn and this foodie book to my list of books to read.

I love Trader Joe’s chai tea, so this chai martini seems like a logical next step. I’m wondering if I could just make it with the chai tea….

I love these little moto-inspired boots, and they are a great price.

Are you thinking Christmas shopping already? I added this animal rummy game to A’s stocking list, and this train puzzle to J’s.

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