Friday Favorites

It’s the holiday season! While we probably won’t be getting a drift of snow again anytime soon, we are going to celebrate the in-coming of winter with full enthusiasm. School is about to be out for two weeks after a slew of holiday parties today, and we are going to sleep in, watch lots of movies, and probably play too many rounds of War (J’s new favorite card game). And while I get the rest of my Christmas wrapping done…here are some favorites from the week!

Superpower strong.

Winter workwear ideas.

A python, a jackal, and a honey badger walk into a desert clearing….

Last minute stocking stuffer? Get this eyeshadow palette.

Sweetie pie chai latte.

Mini cheesecakes for Christmas desserts.

A DIY using holiday houses you can find at Target.

The most accurate clothing ad I’ve ever seen.

And finally, embracing the hygge of the season and having cookies with it.

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