Friday Favorites

A worked with his Cub Scout Den at a local nonprofit this week and it was a wonderful experience! It’s B’s birthday this weekend! We are excited to celebrate him, watch some football, and eat Walking Taco Salad (stay tuned for the recipe next week) and brownies. We’ve also got a soccer game for J, a Den Meeting for Cub Scouts, and A has an artifact to create for social studies.

Heart health tips, considering I’m now 37 and have high blood pressure (hurray for late thirties).

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie.

Honest academic job postings.

Scary stories to read on chilly fall days (that will happen eventually).

The skill of being “indistractable”.

Buffalo check + dark denim.

Cheesy turkey meatloaf bites.

Dream craft room…for me.

The last train to London.

And finally, wildlife comedy.

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