Friday Favorites

Soak up that last bit of screen time, kids. School starts next week! And soccer, and Cub Scouts, and golf lessons, and……I’m already tired thinking about it. Kind of wishing we had one more week of summer, but then J and A start singing loudly again and I’m pretty fine with them going back to school. I’ve just about wrapped up my summer class and now I’m going full speed toward completing the starting lesson plans for my fall courses. And in between all of that, here are some of my favorites of the week!

If I trade the soy sauce for coconut aminos and leave out the sesame, I could definitely whip up this chicken and broccoli for dinner this week.

The yoga practice I’ve loved this week.

Pink and sporty for late summer.

Seven decorating tips for the home.

Summer Sunday suppers.

Modern beauty and Manet.

Beach chic decorating.

Natalia Dyer’s make-up routine….pardon me while I go order more Glossier products.

Starting a plan for Fall Break.

And finally, carrot hummus for work day lunches.

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