Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesIs anybody else super tired at the end of this week? In order to make our mornings go a little smoother, once the boys have eaten, gotten dressed, and we’ve finished our morning routine, if there is about 15-20 minutes left before time to go to school I let A play Mario.  This way I can do some last minute things to get us out the door without having to corral the boys from say, running down the hallway and trying to slide with their socks on and jump on to the ottoman.

The only two stipulations are A has to hand over the DS as soon as I say it’s time to get shoes on (which he does, so he’ll get to play again),  and he has to let J sit with him some of the time (which is a much more difficult request as you can see here). I had to take this picture of the boys because I couldn’t get over the fact that J was trying to cuddle literally right behind A, and A was trying to sooo hard not to push him out of the way. Hilarious, those boys!

So on to a few of my favorites from the week:

Tips for making vintage (or thrift store, in my opinion) clothing work for you.

An amazing hexagon rug.

I love these sturdy storage boxes (plus they would be J approved!).

I bought a lucky bamboo plant from Lowe’s after reading this article about bringing the outdoors in. It’s still alive, too! 🙂 Luckily…alright sorry. Moving on.

I didn’t know that the harvest moon was such a punk. But apparently it is.

My husband brought to my attention that Auburn gear is super hip in Korea. Who knew?

This chambray giraffe is adorable.

And lastly, it’s national cheeseburger day! A’s favorite!

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