Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesOne of my favorite things to watch is A teaching J something new. This is a picture of them right before bedtime, after A had taught J how to rev a car back and then push it across the floor between them.

Thirty ideas to set the mood for autumn.

The list above includes a savory pull apart bread, I also found this delicious looking sweet pull apart bread that I want to make.

Cheesy stuffed garlic butter crescents.

Twenty two new fall books to check out. I am especially excited about Amy Tan’s Valley of Amazement, and Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep. Although I may have to keep that one in the freezer. Friends reference, anyone?

I am SUPER excited about the Target 3.1 Phillip Lim line release this weekend. I am hoping I am able to pick up one of the totes before the sell out (on-line only).

Ondine NARS shadow. One of my eye shadow favorites. It is a great plum/gold and it’s got a bit of brown in it, so it’s not too overbearing to wear for day.

Did you know that the space under your cabinet is called a toe kick? I didn’t either. Anyway, here is a cute DIY idea if you want to glam up that toe kick.

I am going out to buy the materials to make this lion hoodie for J. He loves to dress up right now, so I am positive he will love it!

This pink space is definitely worth putting on a bucket list. Amazing!

And lastly, my favorite picture from fashion week. LOVE.

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  1. The Phillip Lim trench coat has your name written all over it. I thought about ordering it, but I’m too short to pull it off. It would look great on you!

  2. I ended up with none of it! They opened the on-line site at such an obscure time, it sold out before I got anything ordered. I’m waiting to see if they re-stock, but I doubt it!

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