Friday Favorites

These three ducklings napping together remind me of the episode of Friends were Joey and Ross take the best nap ever. If you can’t nap with your besties then who can you nap with? We are bidding these sweet baby ducks goodbye today as they go back to their home on the farm. With the amount of rain we’re getting they could probably swim home at this point! With another rained in weekend, we are looking forward to cousin time, movie watching, and trying not to go stir crazy inside. Here are some of my favorites from the week!

A beautifully light filled kitchen reveal.

The Storyteller’s Tale is the book I’m reading this week.

Apparently Sesame Street had a terrifying episode that we all missed.

When Monet moved from impressionist to modernist.

My boys have talked about becoming chefs for years….and Auburn responded.

Assigning work tasks to different days of the week.

My favorite business podcast from the week.

B and I recently rediscovered my favorite chef show from the early 90s, Yan Can Cook, and we’ve been recording and watching the episodes. I still love his show!

Customizing a plain rug with a little DIY.

Leaning into the winter season….or monsoon season around here.

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