Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesIt seems J’s teeth have decided to come in all at once. He has spent a lot of this week chewing on lambies, his blanket, teething rings, and sitting with his Momma. And watching Elmo.

Make your own house stamp.

I usually have one mystery, one fiction/non fiction book, and one foodie book on my nightstand at once. Here are five great food books that I have added to my list!

Love these little purple pansy stud earrings.

Love this neon circle garland, thinking about making it and adding it to A’s room.

Citrus sangria.

I have loved the movie Clue since I first watched it over twenty years ago (I also frequently reference it in my classes!). Here’s a great background on how it catapulted from flop to cult classic.

Such a great twist scarf (it includes a wire band). Thinking about adding it to my Christmas list!

How to dress for success.

I am really in love with Essie’s fall collection of nail polishes. I purchased the one I mentioned last week (a dark blue), and now I really want this one (a dark gray).

Loving this ruffled striped shirt I got from B for my birthday!

I am making this lemon poppy seed bread today for breakfast tomorrow.

Oh and since cold season is upon us, this is my very favorite vitamin C drink. And it’s super yummy!

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