Friday Favorites

Our winter staycation is officially over in two days. We are trying to slowly get back on our schedule before we go back to work and school next week. I’m also trying actively to not panic about the traffic increase due to a major road closure near us and if I’m going to need roller skates like Ross in that episode of Friends to get from class to class because of our main building being remodeled. And, it’s still raining! For now I’ll be working on some lesson planning, we’ll be playing board games, watching football, and doing some organizational preparing for the new year!

Places to go when visiting Atlanta.

Creating a mindful nighttime routine.

How to create an effective bullet journal.

Degas book to add to my reading list.

Chicken faijita bowls for lunch.

Ingredients to always have on hand.

And finally, subway tile backsplashes creating light in the kitchen.

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