Friday Favorites

We’re rolling into the weekend and November! I’m literally holding back all the boys in my family from trying to put up the Christmas tree. I’m not quite ready to put up our fall decorations just yet, but I have got my eye on some holiday decor and my Christmas gift list is taking shape on my notes app on my phone. This weekend we are headed to a birthday party, basketball tryouts, disguising a turkey, and piano lessons. And maybe a little holiday shopping. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

Candy pork sounds like the perfect way to use the pork tenderloin in my freezer.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta read a book.

Reading about the origin of paper because Spaceship Earth is that inspiring.

My favorite new podcast about make-up and more.

The cooking show I’m planning to binge watch on Netflix.

Wedge sneakers to wear with jeans and slipper like flats to wear with work pants. Or jeans.

Marbled maple cornbread is on my Thanksgiving recipe list.

Finally, the holiday cups on my list for my little holiday coffee station.

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