Friday Favorites

CousinsCousin time. J-O and J have the same play style, which makes me wonder if it’s a second child thing, or a name that starts with J thing. Both are logical choices. My very favorite thing that J-O said of the day? “I like your baby. He brings me stuff. You have a good baby there”. Seriously. Statements like that are why you have kids. 🙂

So a few of my other favorites from the week:

Unfortunately, you cannot be Ron Swanson. Or a Tyrannosaurus Rex for that matter. Collective sigh of disappointment, everyone.

A fourth grader gives you the scoop on school lunches. His findings? Yuck.

I am so purchasing this fleece blanket for J. Does our H&M carry the home collection? Does anyone know about this??

A has been hard at work trying to collect fifty pins for his chore chart I created for him. His prize is a new Lego set, and he requested one with Jango Fett. Mission accomplished!

Chocolate coffee ice cream cake. Sounds amazing!

Love this happy print.

An amazing desk DIY.

I am loving Banana Republic’s fall line, especially their sweaters. This Carpe Diem one is on my list.

After watching this tutorial I was totally sold on getting this mousse. Off to Ulta!

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