Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThe breakdown (pun intended) of an A dance sequence. A sings and dances throughout the day, but at 7:00 (on the dot) every night he performs a concert of his own creation. Seriously, pay attention folks. I’m going to be blogging as his momager in about thirteen years. HA!

And on to a few more of my favorites from the week:

Since we got our curtains for our bedroom I am slowly working through how to organize a color palette for the room. This meyer lemon + midnight color palette is on of my inspiration points. Love it!

My favorite easy up do for the summer is this braided messy bun.

Essential crafting basics.

Love the idea of the Paper to Petal book. Especially because it’s the only flowers we’d ever have in the house. Boom!

I have been aisle shopping these ankle boots at Target since the were put on the shelf. As cool as it has been here I should just go and buy them and wear them!

In defense of the scrunchie. I wonder if in 2030 we’ll read an article titled “In defense of the fabric elastic hair tie”. Just saying.

Five moms share their organizing tips for around the house. My very favorite is the school memory box. I am doing that this year!

Rosemary butter cookies.

Tips for shooting night photography. Keeping these in mind for Fourth of July next year!

After reading through my new Instyle magazine the Revlon creme shadow set in not just nudes and Laura Mercier kohl eye pencil in black turquoise are on my radar for a fall make-up update.

And that’s it! Happy Friday!

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