Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesThis is J’s “wonder/surprise” face. If he thinks somebody is here to visit or you find something that is hidden, he makes this face and an “ah ha!” sound. It’s adorable!

Love this article entitled “what my son the thespian taught me about parenting“.

So B got us on a kick of watching the Breaking Bad series (don’t spoiler me, we aren’t to the last season, yet!). If you watch it here is some back story on Walter’s hometown.

Neon yellow converse shoes for kids. That’s it. Because I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Just in case you were wondering what Bobby Flay eats for breakfast…(spoiler alert: it’s yogurt! AHHH!)

When we were back to school shopping my sister and I ended up (of course) in the mini notebook section looking for notebooks for ourselves. Why, you may ask? Because doesn’t everyone need some fresh office supplies? I found this little list of cute ones. I’m partial to the thumbtacks.

One of my favorite family blogs had this sweet post about sisters…the pictures and writing will make you happy, guaranteed! 🙂

For a mere 95 dollars you can own….Coach Barbie. You’re welcome.

I am always in a state of growing out my bangs. (I cut them, then push them to the side, then cut them again). Here are some helpful tips if you do that as well!

A and I made these peanut butter toffee cookies this week and they were soooo good! You must try them.

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