Friday Favorites

Converse twinning with my favorite nine year old.

1. Weekend lover.

2. Prepping for a batastic birthday weekend.

3. Hold on to your crockpots.

4. Fantastic cabinet update.

5. DIY heart cookies.

6. Adding to my bookshelf.

7. My new Instagram (@favoritedisneydishes) dedicated to our favorite Disney foods.

8. Pinwheel homemade rolls.

9. Winter layers for a dreamy bedroom.

10. Super Bowl queso.

11. Japan in winter is magical.

12. Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your shirt!

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  1. Your new Instagram looks fun. We’re planning a trip to Disney World and I love to do food research on the Disney Food Blog. I love looking at Disney food pictures.

  2. I love Disney Food Blog! It’s great! My nine year old loves the food at Disney as much as I do, so it was my way of sharing our favorite food memories.

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