Friday Favorites

We’re preparing for another round of freezing temps, cancelled school, and potential ice by having sixty plus degree weather. This is Alabama, friends. On another note, we discovered a little bird nest once our stump tree lost all its leaves. I think our birds have finally decided our tree is better than the columns on our front porch. J has been dealing with allergy issues all week, so I’ve been working on the fly trying to juggle him at home some, lots of basketball, and my first week of the semester. B also was out of town early in the week, so we ended up at my sister’s house for dinner quite a bit. Her dinner’s were a big hit with my boys, so they’re featured on my Friday favorites this week!

1. I added these three steps to my hair wash routine.

2. Resolutions I could actually work toward achieving.

3. The history of stripes is going on my January/February reading list.

4. The pasta dish J ate at my sister’s house Tuesday night and wants me to make again, like right now.

5. This silly faces game would be right up J’s alley of giggles.

6. The dinner we had at my sister’s house Wednesday night that is seriously on par with fancy restaurants. It’s so good, y’all. Make this now.

7. Thinking about picking up cross-stitching as a hobby, and it’s apparently on trend.

8. A perfect side table set-up.

9. The salad my sister took for lunch this week and I’m going to make for next week.

10. And speaking of cross-stitching…some good stitches to know.

11. Dress + boots perfection.

12. A humorous book to add to my reading list.

And finally my other favorite of the week is A trying to teach J how to jump out of the way quickly, when playing tag.

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