Friday Favorites

Happy Freeze-day, friends. We are not getting the intense snow and ice of the east coast, we are just sitting at about 25 degrees for four consecutive days. The boys have had late starts everyday because it’s been even colder in the mornings, which has eased us back into work/school mode. I’m scrambling to finish up my courses before the semester starts, as well as, planning for J’s sixth birthday (less than a month away, yikes!). In between doing that, here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. An inspirational book to jump into the new year.

2. The soup my sister made and gave me leftovers (it was amazing!).

3. This house is everything I love, open concept, centered kitchen, not stuffy.

4. Cozy chic wear for these frigid temps.

5. Organizing by simplifying.

6. Boots!

7. The beginnings of J’s Batman birthday inspiration.

8. I may just eat only soup for the rest of winter. Just saying.

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