Friday Favorites

Roasting s’mores! Loving every moment of our winter break.

Here are my favorites of the week!

1. Update of a classic nineties look.

2. A rope DIY to fancy up a Christmas tree.

3. Inspiration for our games at our Feliz Navidad party!

4. Delicious dips for holiday parties.

5. Taking care of houseplants during the winter.

6. Cookie bars as a back up when the tiny chocolate cake I keep talking about bringing for Christmas doesn’t get made. Ha!

7. Genius idea for using a flat iron to create waves.

8. DIY to remember for the seashells we’ll collect at the beach next summer.

9. The holiday survival guide I’m still laughing about. Hilarious!

10. A lovely artichoke pizza all for me.

11. A fancy sugar cookie drink that I’m pretty sure I’d request if I was Santa.

12. Noncommittal book club.

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