Friday Favorites

Happy Black Friday shopping! Here’s hoping you are finding some good deals out there. I’m most likely at Target trying to check the last few things off my list. And while you’re shopping or putting up Christmas decor, here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. On letting go to simplify.

2. The media list I used in class to show uses and gratification theory.

3. Each year we get the boys a new Christmas book.

4. An exquisite short film on creativity versus conformity.

5. I’m currently binge watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix. It’s so good!

6. The lob style I’m loving right now.

7. The boys and I are going to dress up our molasses cookies this year.

8. Christmas in New York City.

9. One teacher’s experience in revising their teaching role.

10. Turning an IKEA kitchen cabinet into a bench.

11. Organizing all of your NERF items.

12. And finally, I didn’t even know Esprit still existed. I had the best time shopping there with all the girls in our family in the eighties to early nineties. Here’s hoping they’ll eventually sell product in the US again.

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