Friday Favorites

What are you up to this weekend? We are shopping for shoe box items, getting our SUV serviced, going to a birthday party, and finishing up a rain forest diorama. We may do a walk through of our local galaxy of lights and purchase a new Christmas tree, since ours has a lack of working lights in the middle. Here are some of my favorites of the week!

1. My hair straightening method of the week.

2. The pink coat I ordered this week.

3. Open airy workspaces.

4. Ideas to update our master bedroom.

5. The best houseplants to purify your home’s air.

6. Learning to chill out during the holidays.

7. Soup on my list for next week’s dinner.

8. The book I added to my reading list after it was suggested when I was buying Orphan Train to read.

9. The cutest paper fox.

10. J would be obsessed with this polar bear Bluetooth speaker.

11. Mini turkey decorations.

12. On why your career should not be your identity.

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