Friday Favorites

Oh to swing with abandon!

Styling out a future patio that’s more than just a concrete slab.

A kitchen filled with lovely plants and light.

Great tips for backpacking with kids, I’m going to need this in the fall for Cub Scouts!

And with that backpacking, some camp food ideas.

Chex Mix all dressed up for the Fourth of July.

A three part system for organizing kids clothes, love this idea for changing seasons.

The history of Pho. The boys will love learning about this because someone made Pho on their current favorite reality show, The Next Food Network Star.

Figuring out how to organize Legos…I’m sorry this is hilarious. Just put those things in the biggest bin you can find and dream on, my friends.

Playground equipment at night in Japan. Awesome? Creepy? I can’t decide.

And finally, summer hats!

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