Friday Favorites

Waiting in the shade.

My inspiration for re-finishing our dining table and chairs. This year I may just make it happen!

The topknot scarf is my current summer solution for not doing my hair. Ha!

On the heels of my post yesterday, how to actually unplug during a vacation.

Love this all about Dad printable for Father’s Day.

Tapping into creativity through speeches.

A five minute exercise for strengthening your core.

It may seem silly to have an office kit on hand for college kids, but I’ve had meetings where I’ve passed out crayons for two year olds while I talk to their Mom, grabbed snacks for students who didn’t have breakfast, should have, and need to give a speech, and the list goes on and on.

The comfort clothing movement.

A modern superhero party that J would love.

I love planes, and I love the way the boys stop and turn to watch a plane as it soars overhead.

And finally, the Italian pressed sandwiches on my list for dinner next week.

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