Friday Favorites

School’s out for summer! I’m rejecting my slight-A type need to create a list of summer fun, instead I’m getting out with the boys and we are creating summer fun in the moment. Not that I don’t love a good list! However, after a really busy school year we are going to spend some time being plain bored, watching cartoons late, taking long walks, vegging at the pool, crafting, making fun foods, and reading! I guess we do have a bit of a list after all 🙂

For when the boys are older and we can tackle more adventurous hikes.

Easy cinnamon sugar donuts for one of our fun recipes!

A’s sweet teacher gifted me a book for being a room mom this year and I literally cannot put it down. It’s awesome.

Clean and fresh bedroom in four unique ways.

Literally the only people I talk on the phone with are my Mom and sister.

A fabulous shirt dress, I’m trying to figure out if I can re-create it at a more cost effective price.

Strategies for camping with kids. I better read up, I’m pretty sure we have at least three camping trips this fall.

One thing I decided to do this summer (mainly to keep my sanity), is not taking lunch requests from the boys. I never do that during the school year and I’m done running my kitchen like a short order cook for lunch in the summer. That being said I’ve got a list of lunch ideas in my back pocket.

And finally, the craft room of my dreams!

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