Friday Favorites

Love cuddling up with the boys after bath time and watching Iron Chef before books and bed.

Things people don’t discuss in business, but should. Great for my biz com students!

Weatherproofing outdoor chairs, on my list for our outdoor chairs this summer.

Coordinating colors for our bedroom wingback chairs.

Lemon ice box pie with golden Oreos, perfect Spring/Summer dessert.

Gorgeous summer dress and I’m already trying to figure out how to re-create her hairstyle.

I’ve got Hawaii on my bucket list for vacations with the boys. Maybe, Maui?

An alternative to the pencil skirt for the office.

Creating beautiful balconies in small spaces.

Hilariously readings of bad yelp reviews.

Y’all know I’m obsessed with bread and baking bread. I’m thinking about incorporating it with a Between the Lions episode this summer with the boys.

And finally, a kid friendly Fitbit that I’m betting will wind up on A’s Christmas list.

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