Friday Favorites

I came to an astounding realization this week of spring break. My boys are officially at ages where they pretty much play on their own. We did some baking, some crafting, played board games, watched Spring Baking Championship, Planet Earth II, & Chopped, but most of the time they played outside (when it wasn’t freezing), built Legos, played Tsum Tsums, and attempted to beat Plants vs. Zombies. We had a great, very chill, Spring Break! Perfect before the rush of the end of the school year begins!

If our graham candy bars above look delicious you can find the recipe here. We used plain graham not chocolate.

Among the many cool scenes from Planet Earth that we watched one of my favorites was the giraffe boot kicking (is that a term??) a lion. The boys favorite was the bears scratching their backs like Baloo from The Jungle Book.

Amazing optical illusion paintings that would be fun to create inspired art projects with the boys.

I love Victoria Beckham’s style so I’m hoping to snag at least a couple of the pieces from her Target collection

How to beat jet lag.

Ten ways to wear rain boots for April showers.

How to upgrade a lunch salad. I’m closer to eating that than a sandwich, so it’s good to know.

And finally, definitely putting Kauai on our family bucket list.

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