Friday Favorites

Like soaking up the last bit of sun on our driveway, I’ve had home on my mind this week.

One of our current projects is creating a new study/gaming area for the boys.

It feels a bit like spring and a lot like the beginning of summer lately, so I’m revisiting salads sooner than usual.

Can you evolve into someone who likes sports? I feel like that’s where I’ve gone since having two boys who love sports and a husband who lives for game day Saturday. 

The paper plane video that has entranced the boys. 

And the video about the movie Arrival and its communication elements that astounded me. And a student sent it to me! My students are the best! 

Eyeliner that’s smudge free? Tell me more!

The shirt in my Jcrew shopping cart.

What students teach. Powerful and lovely message! 

I’m on a plant mission. That is I’m on a mission to put plants in our house that (a.) we aren’t allergic to, and (b.) I can actually keep alive. It’s tough, but I’m determined!

And finally, thinking about a picture holder to complete the decor I’m working on for our bookcase. 

And now we’re riding off to the weekend!

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