Friday Favorites

One last pic from J’s birthday week. This is him listening as his great-grandparents sang him happy birthday over the phone. It was my favorite part of his day. So sweet!

Chili to make with our chili starter in the freezer. 

For my non-boot camp days when J is outside swinging. 

A week of outfit inspiration.

Abstract graphic and cubism inspired prints make me happy! 

Paint pallets to inspire your next art project

Sky blue for our blue sky February. 

The pretzel bites we had for our super bowl snack. 

Thoughts on Creativity, Inc. to further my class discussion on organizations. 

Best Valentines ever. 

How fun is this cherry paper wreath

An article on a soul food chef, both insightful and mysterious.

Reading after kids. 

Potential Valentine’s meal. 

Chai tea sugar? Yes, please. 

And finally, I’m testing out Olay’s depuffing eye cream after reading through a list of potentials. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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