Friday Favorites

New stack of books!

Beachy waves with volume. 

The pizza rolls I was planning to make for New Year’s Eve but didn’t, so I’ll make them for dinner in the new year! 

Getting cozy when the temps drop to twenty degrees.

An idea for the many pork tenderloins I get from Costco.

How to plan a winter getaway. You know, to get away from all this snow we’re having. Insert eye roll.

And with that getaway, picking out the best shoes for travel.

Easier to complete than typical resolutions.

Inspiration for our future bonus room, seriously wondering if I can build one on our current house, ha!

Creating cold weather layers.

Bored of playing in all the snow piled up outside? Check out this cat commercial. It’ll make your day! 

I’m going to food saver this chicken wonton soup for lunches since no one in my family can eat it but me.

Seven steps for road mapping your career progress. Great ideas for my business students!

 The smoothie project

And finally, stripes! You know I love them. 

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