Friday Favorites

Playing Santa and bringing presents to all of our wonderful teachers and helpers in our life!

A simple and abstract reindeer wreath.

A living room that combines neutrality and pops of color. 

This would be a great activity & gift craft for the boys over the holiday. 

Baked crab artichoke dip, this is so eighties fabulous. 

Kitchen essentials to put on your Christmas list and start your new year off right. 

Make-up trends to test out at all your holiday parties. I’ve gone to at least four so far. Three of which were kid parties. Ha!

Remarkably average parenting. This made me laugh out loud. 

A beautiful nativity

Cozy throws for those eighteen degree temps coming up. 

A holiday hug.

Pink + pink + pink

Five things in Atlanta

And finally, a chocolate tart that will make your holiday guests put down the cookies. 

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