Friday Favorites

This week we watched the rest of the leaves fall…Friday Favorites

Saw the first rainy day in months: Friday Favorites

And graded lots of papers and prepped final exams: Friday FavoritesThis weekend we are headed to see Santa, expecting a bit more rain, and hopefully I’ll get the rest of my grades done. Wish me luck!

Tortellini + meatballs = weeknight dinner

A month of outfit inspiration.

A dry-erase notebook! Thus is revolutionary!

Fixer-upper Christmas decorating ideas.

A Thai coconut soup perfect for cold winter nights.

Finding your joy

Stylish sweatpant solutions. 

Re-defining your weekday mornings with music.

Rigatoni dinner with fresh bread.

Holiday stove simmers to make your home smell yummy. Just don’t forget they are on the stove!

And finally, the beautiful paintings of Felix Dolittle. I really want to get the bookmark set for A.

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