Friday Favorites

Friday FavoritesPracticing piano.

If they’re Disneyland peanut butter cookies they’ve got to be good!

Cold weather layers for running…or fast mall walking. Which is what I do. Or I run like Phoebe from Friends. Either works.

Mashed parsnips and potatoes. Is a parsnip the same as a carrot? Is therefore, B allergic to parsnips? #thoughtstoponder

Wondering if I can convince J to have a Winnie-the-Pooh fifth birthday party.

Great tips for avoiding burnout. I seem to be posting this a lot. It’s one of my favorite communication topics, ha!

My inspiration for our fire place mantle this Christmas.

The Jimmy Fallon + Metallica rendition that will make your day!

Take that, Harold.

Gift guide for your favorite dude.

And finally, I found tsum tsums on sale at JcPenny online. I seriously need to stop, ha!

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